Current Motor Super Scooter Specs


How Far? 40 real world miles (High Performance Option: 50 miles)
How Fast? 55+ mph (High Performance Option: 65+ mph)
How Much? $9,995 (High Performance Option: $11,995)
Warranty? 3 year battery/1 year rest of bike


Digital Dashboard Configurable display from simple speed and odometer to over 20 different operating parameters
Internet Connectivity On board 3G connection allows for:
  • Enhanced service
  • Remote access & scheduling charging
  • Trip planning
  • Geo-Social applications

Specifications and Performance Data

0-30 mph 7 sec
0-50 mph 12 sec
0-60 mph 14 sec
Fuel <2 cents per mile
Maintenance <$50 per year
Type Air Cooled 5kW Permanent Magnet DC Brushless Hub Motor
Transmission Single-Speed Direct Drive Hub Motor
Wheelbase 57.5"
Rake/trail 32 degrees/3"
Ground Clearance 4.25"
Seat Height 27"
GVWR 740 lbs
Wet Weight 390 lbs (High Performance Option: 430 lbs)
Front 33 mm telescopic forks, 2.5" travel
Rear 30 mm telescopic coil over spring, adjustable
Front 245 mm disc, 2-piston caliper
Rear 180 mm disc, 2-piston caliper
Front 120/70-12 Kenda K413
Rear 130/60-13 Kenda K413
Type Lithium Iron Manganese Phosphate (LifeMnPO4)
Life 2,000+ cycles (>50,000 miles)
Number of cells 24 (High Performance Option: 30)
Size of cell 60Ah
Pack Capacity 4.6kWh (High Performance Option: 5.75kWh)
Pack Voltage 76.8V (High Performance Option: 96V)
Recharge Time 5 hours (High Performance Option: 6 hours)
Warranty 3 years pro-rated

Battery Management System (BMS)

Per cell shunt based Balancing; Low Voltage & Over Voltage Protection; Balancing rate of 0.5A

Bike Control Unit (BCU)

Computer controlled monitoring system ensuring maximum pack life, accurate fuel gauge and safety systems

Regenerative Braking

Computer controlled regen brakes


Accessory Power

High capacity: 8-10A @ 13.5V

* Real world range estimate for high performance model. Actual range depends on many factors including, rider weight, additional cargo weight, incline, road and wind resistance, and rider driving style
** Speed estimate for high performance model. Actual top speed may vary. Some customers have reported top speeds of 70+ mph.
*** To ensure the best possible battery life, keep it charged up at every opportunity. For longer periods of storage (more than 1 month) store it with the battery level between 50% and 80%.