No gas, no
and no oil

Our maxi-scooters offer an environmentally friendly transportation solution that has a lower carbon footprint than a hybrid or electric car.

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The feeling of driving past gas stations is empowering.

The experience of driving a Current Motor Super Scooter is different than any other type of vehicle.

The ride is quieter, smoother and more efficient than gas motorcycles or scooters. Current Motor Super Scooters are zero emissions vehicles, which do not produce CO2 greenhouse gas or any other type of emissions that contribute to smog. For the future, we’re developing solar powered accessories to make our scooters greener and even more economical.

Driving a Current Motor Super Scooter reduces consumption of fossil fuels while promoting independence from foreign oil companies. By keeping our energy sources local, we are able to foster a self-sustaining economy that encompasses energy creation and distribution. Drive your point home while saving money, the environment and the economy.

Our digital dashboard helps you monitor power draw and battery life as well as standard features like speed and distance.

What Riders Say...
Ingrid The Rider

Ingrid has ridden everything from a Triumph to a Ducati and as an avid track racer, you wouldn’t think that a Super Scooter would impress her. Wrong!

Read why she likes her Current Motor Super Scooter