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From the horsepower behind the motor to the brainpower behind the charging system, Current Motor Super Scooters are among the most innovative EVs on the road today.

Linking power and intelligence with the latest technology, Current Motor offers an advanced electric vehicle that plugs into your life.

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All the critical information you need to combat range anxiety while maximizing charge and performance is built into our digital dashboard.

Our digital control center offers standard features such as speed and distance in addition to advanced features including power draw and efficiency. Powered by Dell hardware and Google's Android OS, the Current Motor digital dashboard also provides GPS and other on-scooter software applications.

Fasten your smartphone.

As an electronic systems integrator, Current Motor links your Super Scooter and smart phone with a series of free apps* designed to create a better rider experience.

Yes, there’ll be an app for that… Later this year, a public API will be published, which we hope will catalyze a rich marketplace of free and paid apps for just about any EV owner need.

Secondly, our BMS has ultimate control over the charger so they work together to properly maintain the battery pack. This is superior to most systems, where the charger and BMS work independently, resulting in less control of the charging process.

*Current app offerings are available to users running the Android OS free for 12 months from shipment. Android applications require version 2.2 (Froyo) or later. iPhone and Windows versions will be available later in the year.

  • Range Relief

    Combat range anxiety while maximizing charge and performance with this battery monitoring app that lets you remotely access charge levels and schedule charging

  • Green Dashboard

    Track your environmental impact with this app that monitors your reduced carbon footprint and fuel expenditure

  • Power Trip

    Plan and share routes with this trip planning app that uses personalized efficiency data to determine best routes, communicates your location with friends on popular social media applications and locates nearby places to top up your battery pack

That’s one hot spot.

The Current Motor Super Scooter is the first to market with machine-to-machine WiFi.

Powered by Dell hardware and AT&T M2M data services, Current Motor scooters are configured to allow WiFi access to the onboard computer (BCU). The initial purchase of your Current Motor Super Scooter includes a 12 month prepaid subscription to our advanced diagnostics and software application updates.

Scooter M.D.

Powered by Dell hardware, Current Motor scooters have an onboard modem and securely transmit usage data back to Current Motor’s servers.

This data is used both to help us engineer better products, and to better diagnose and support our customers.

What Riders Say...
Michael The First

Michael bought the first Current Motor scooter to roll off the line. Numero uno! Why did he choose Current Motor? Because our scooters had the best combination of performance, features and price. A guy who knows his stuff - a software engineer - Michael was no novice when it came to EVs either.

Read why he likes his Current Motor Super Scooter