One Charge.
50 Miles.

Just think of all the ground you can cover. The length of Manhattan four times. The distance from Manhattan Beach to Hermosa Beach 20 times or more. And most importantly, the distance from where you are to where you need to go.

The Current Motor Super Scooter has one of the highest ranges in its class, traveling up to 50 miles* on a single charge. Our standard battery pack is 33% larger than our competitors’, providing a greater energy reserve to power your trip.

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Range Relief.

From the size of the battery pack to the system that controls the charge, Current Motor Super Scooters are designed to make it as easy as possible to sustain maximum range and monitor energy level.

To reduce any range anxiety you may have, we have standardized the use of an accurate energy gauge, which displays on our digital dashboard exactly how much charge is left. This is an advancement over many EVs that use a voltmeter, which only indicates when the pack is empty.

To extend range capabilities, our proprietary onboard computer (Bike Control Unit or BCU) controls the subsystems that impact the use of energy via:

  • Patent pending regenerative braking control system that integrates with physical brakes
  • Energy reserve feature, which reduces throttle input when the pack is in need of a recharge
  • Option to select a consistent ride profile for increased range or a performance ride profile

Our custom software apps provide easy access to all the information you need to maximize both charge and performance.


The technology behind our Battery Management System’s (BMS) approach to charge management increases range capabilities.

Our sophisticated BMS employs a cell-by-cell management process that enables quick diagnostics to identify individual cells requiring service or replacement. This proprietary system, which increases battery life while reducing charge time, utilizes Lithium Iron Manganese Phosphate (LiFeMnPO4) batteries, which provide a full charge from a standard 110 volt outlet in less than 6 hours.

Secondly, our BMS has ultimate control over the charger so they work together to properly maintain the battery pack. This is superior to most systems, where the charger and BMS work independently, resulting in less control of the charging process.

Current Motor’s BMS balances at 0.5 Amps, whereas most competitors balance at 0.1 Amps. Better balancing means each cell contributes equally to the energy you need to ride, equaling longer range and longer cell life.

*Real world range estimate for high performance model. Actual range depends on many factors including, rider weight, additional cargo weight, incline, road and wind resistance, and rider driving style
What Riders Say...
Ingrid The Rider

Ingrid has ridden everything from a Triumph to a Ducati and as an avid track racer, you wouldn’t think that a Super Scooter would impress her. Wrong!

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