Get There.

When you need to get somewhere, you want to get there fast. The Current Motor Super Scooter scoots past the competition, with one of the top speeds in its EV class.

Open the road and explore the possibilities afforded by our rear-wheel hub motor and unique powertrain. Our powertrain makes 60% more peak power than 150cc gas scooters, and it makes this power smoothly and silently.

Reaching a maximum of 65 mph*, Current Motor supports a variety of travel routes, from residential neighborhoods to country roads and expressways.

*Speed estimate for high performance model. Actual top speed may vary. Some customers have reported top speeds of 70+ mph.

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What Riders Say...
Bill The Commuter

Bill admits his riding is pretty utilitarian but still rates his Current Motor Super Scooter high on the "fun" scale. A dedicated three season rider, he enjoys spreading his love for the scooter.

Read why he likes his Current Motor Super Scooter