Save Energy.
Save Money.
Make Sense.

From gas and energy savings to the cost of maintenance, Current Motor boasts the best overall value amongst maxi-scooters.

The fuel cost of a Current Motor Super Scooter is <2 cents a mile. This is 1/4 the cost of a gas-powered maxi-scooter and 1/5 the cost of a hybrid vehicle.

Build Yours!

Buy it, ride it, and maintain it for seventeen cents a mile.

At 17 cents per mile, a Current Motor Super Scooter offers one of the most inexpensive means of travel on the road today.

Current Motor Super Scooters were designed to reduce both operating and maintenance costs. In addition to a Battery Management System, which employs a cell-by cell diagnostic technique, our maxi-scooters are comprised of fewer moving parts.

Our hub motor, which outperforms competing EV maxi-scooters, is also less complex than those that use belts, chains or gearboxes. Fewer components produces higher reliability and lower maintenance costs.

The cost of ownership – including purchase, operating and maintenance costs – is 2/3 the cost of a gas scooter and 1/2 the cost of a hybrid vehicle.

A spreadsheet of our calculations and data sources is available upon request.

What Riders Say...
Michael The First

Michael bought the first Current Motor scooter to roll off the line. Numero uno! Why did he choose Current Motor? Because our scooters had the best combination of performance, features and price. A guy who knows his stuff - a software engineer - Michael was no novice when it came to EVs either.

Read why he likes his Current Motor Super Scooter