Bill - The Commuter
Bill The Commuter

Bill admits his riding is pretty utilitarian but still rates his Current Motor Super Scooter high on the "fun" scale.  A dedicated three season rider, he enjoys spreading his love for the scooter.

Bill's slogan "A smile for only a penny a mile" is great advertising for Current Motor.  Being able to tell folks he edges over 70 mph on the freeway doesn't hurt either.

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Ingrid - The Rider
Ingrid The Rider

Ingrid has ridden everything from a Triumph to a Ducati and as an avid track racer, you wouldn’t think that a Super Scooter would impress her. Wrong!

Defying her own low expectations, she found our Super Scooter to be "shockingly fast, to be honest".  The ride comfortable, handling responsive, and overall decidedly NOT boring. Her suggestion:  "You HAVE to try it!"

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Michael - The First
Michael The First

Michael bought the first Current Motor scooter to roll off the line.  Numero uno!  Why did he choose Current Motor?  Because our scooters had the best combination of performance, features and price.  A guy who knows his stuff - a software engineer - Michael was no novice when it came to EVs either.

His Current Motor Super Scooter is his second electric scooter.  Michael commutes on his scooter daily and turns heads wherever he goes in his hometown of Atlanta.

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